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 ©, 1997
Juegos Gratis Palabras (Ingles)

7.6 MB
Win 95/98/ME
CryptaGram 2.0 is now two games in one: Cryptoquote and Wordsearch. The game includes outstanding graphics, a clean and totally customizable interface, intuitive playability, extensive online help and hints, and many other great features.

2.4 MB
Win 95/98/ME
Lettris is a word game. Letter blocks are dropped from the top of the screen. Letters must be placed on the playing field so that words will be recognized by the game dictionary. When a word is spelled correctly a score will be awarded. The game gets more difficult with each new level. From time to time bombs will be dropped helping to clear some unwanted letter blocks.

1.0 MB
Win 9x/ME/2K/NT
In this word puzzle game, the letters of 2 to 7-line quotes are dropped directly below the game board. Place the letters in their correct row to complete the famous quotation. Test your problem solving and reasoning skills, and drive yourself Phrazzled!

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